6. Canvus customizations

You need to edit the pipeline configuration file for Canvus if your working version of mt-canvus.ini is installed to a custom location.

Follow these steps:

  1. Edit the custom version of the pipeline configuration file for Canvus. For details about where to find this file, see Where are the pipeline configuration files?.

  2. Go to the Canvus process block and edit the arguments setting. You must append --mt-canvus-config,< file location > to the default list of arguments:

    arguments=<default arguments>,--mt-canvus-config,< file location >

    Where < file location > specifies the full path to the working version of mt-canvas.ini.

    For example, if the Canvus process block is sequenced to execute first, the argument list looks like this:

    arguments=<default arguments>,--mt-canvus-config,/home/custom/mt-canvus.ini
  3. Restart Launcher.