Showcase Release Notes

Release notes for different Showcase versions are shown below.

Showcase 1.11.7

Released on Dec 2, 2021
  • Fixed drag & drop not working after the latest Chrome/Edge updates

Showcase 1.11.6

Released on Oct 4, 2021
  • Fixed PostgreSQL connections not working in Windows

Showcase 1.11.5

Released on Jul 7, 2021
  • Fixed the licensing code to always choose the latest license file

  • Fixed blank browser error page on Windows

  • Fixed a crash when resizing a browser on Windows with more than one window per GPU

  • Fixed crashes in browser rendering on Windows

  • Fixed rendering crashes that mostly happened with Intel GPUs

  • Fixed bogus single-tap events that were triggered in some cases to wrong widgets

  • Optimized browser resizing performance on Windows

  • Optimized widget styling system, improves loading times

Showcase 1.11.4

Released on Aug 20, 2020
  • Added automatic preview image support for PDF files, directories and various widgets

  • Fixed automatic preview images for videos and images in Windows

  • Fixed pinned widgets on the background layer not respecting their fixed size and location

  • Added support for percentage values for "Initial size" -attribute. For instance an image on a background layer with size "100% 100%" will fill the screen

  • Fixed crash when interacting with a widget while shutting down

Showcase 1.11.3

Released on May 4, 2020
  • Added reference implementation of media server

  • Added watermark when the software license has expired

  • Added a new hardware-accelerated CEF rendering pipeline for Windows 10

  • Added a new asynchronous texture uploading method

  • Fixed GPU affinity on Windows if the GPU areas are not rectangular

  • Fixed various performance issues in rendering

Showcase 1.11.2

Released on Apr 16, 2020
  • Fixed crash caused when tapping an App switcher in hotspot relative coordinates

  • Fixed crash caused when shutting down Showcase while loading an app

Showcase 1.11.1

Released on Feb 6, 2020
  • Optimized Cloud widget opening performance

  • Optimized performance in Sparkles effect

  • Fixed deadlock in video playback

  • Fixed finger menu simulation stability on low framerate

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to load corrupted mipmap images and avoid creating corrupted mipmaps if running out of disk space

  • Fixed a crash when closing video input widgets

  • Fixed focus issues in browser that caused the text cursor to disappear

  • Fixed some browser error dialogs to exclude useless username and password text fields

  • Changed logging to include Qt logs

  • Updated web browser to CEF 79.0.3945.88

Showcase 1.11.0

Released on Dec 17, 2019
  • Added (de)select all button to import/export in the editor

  • Improved app loading time by optimizing SQL performance

  • Updated web browser to Chromium 78.0.3904.108

  • Changed "Export the whole Codice DB" to be disabled default in the editor

  • Changed the cache location for PDFs, mipmaps and video previews to %LocalAppData%\MultiTaction\cache (Windows) or ~/MultiTaction/cache (Linux)

  • Improved cache management performance

  • Fixed crash when changing apps or opening content from menus

  • Fixed several race conditions causing widgets to open at wrong locations

  • Fixed crash when opening a floating menu with a Codice marker

  • Fixed Twitter cache sometimes not getting cleaned properly

  • Fixed temporary files created during export not getting automatically deleted

  • Fixed the server not launching on some computers that are part of Active Directory

  • Fixed crash when using corrupt PDF files

  • Removed support for Ubuntu 14.04

Known issues

  • reCAPTCHA logins do not work in the web browser

Showcase 1.10.5

Released on Sep 23, 2019
  • Fixed overwriting assets in media library sometimes not working properly

  • Fixed issues with non-ascii characters in filenames in Windows

  • Fixed regression causing vertical finger menu connector lines to disappear

Showcase 1.10.4

Released on Sep 9, 2019
  • Fixed auto-generated preview images not being displayed on Linux

  • Moved temporary folder on Windows installations from C:/tmp to %TEMP%

  • Fixed web page popup links not rendering correctly in the browser

  • Enabled video autoplay by default in the web browser

  • Fixed incorrect clipping in the PDF flow causing rendering artifacts

Showcase 1.10.3

Released on Jun 19, 2019
  • Fixed directory traversal vulnerability on Windows

Showcase 1.10.2

Released on Apr 15, 2019
  • Updated web browser to Chromium 73.0.3683.75 with support for pens and audio panning

  • Fixed crash when entering invalid CSS strings for content-offset

  • Fixed licensing errors not being reported to Launcher in Linux

  • Fixed teasers not respecting their spawning area

Showcase 1.10.1

Released on Feb 18, 2019
  • Fixed sparkles effect input handling

  • Fixed browser not being movable when unpinned

Known issues

  • WebGL does not work under Ubuntu 18.04. As a workaround you can disable Chromium sandbox with a --cef-no-sandbox command line argument. However, this will increase the web browser attack surface and for security reasons we don't recommend using it.

Showcase 1.10.0

Released on Jan 31, 2019
  • Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  • Added support for guest markers

  • Load audio-config.xml and audio-devices.xml automatically

Known issues

  • WebGL does not work under Ubuntu 18.04. As a workaround you can disable Chromium sandbox with a --cef-no-sandbox command line argument. However, this will increase the web browser attack surface and for security reasons we don't recommend using it.

Showcase 1.9.2

Released on Jan 22, 2019
  • Disabled the loading screen when starting Showcase and switching applications from the editor

  • Added option to app switcher widget to use loading screen (disabled by default)

  • Added volume slider to video player widget

  • Added ability to adjust video volume from the editor

Showcase 1.9.1

Released on Nov 23, 2018
  • Added support for up to 32 channels in the pulseaudio backend, previously the limit was 6 channels

  • Added warning dialog about expired licenses

  • Added capability to report licensing issues to Launcher

  • Added an option to play several separate video files in sync

  • The --cef-ignore-gpu-blacklist command-line argument is now enabled by default

  • The --minidump-upload-url command-line argument is now enabled by default

  • Fixes to YUVA/RGBA video playback

  • Fixed crash when closing a web browser with a session-id

  • Fixed crash in browser mouse emulation mode

  • Fixed crash when trying to open more channels than pulseaudio supports

  • Fixed crash in web browser when typing certain invalid URLs

  • Fixed video stream hints with Magewell capture cards

  • Fixed flickering windows in Windows with multiple Mosaic groups

  • Fixed initial text selection in the web browser address bar

  • Fixed crash in ImageWidget when using compressed mipmaps

  • Fixed crash in VideoWidget if closing widget quickly after opening

  • Fixed crash on exit when using raw-input with NativeTouch

  • Fixed crash on exit when there were running PDF tasks in the background

  • Fixed application return value if killed by the watchdog

Showcase 1.9.0

Released on May 31, 2018
  • Added a utility tool for taking and restoring backups of Showcase data

  • Added automatic backup when Showcase is upgraded

  • Added new Text viewer widget for displaying custom text in Showcase

  • Added new Text style component for customizing how any text in Showcase is displayed

  • Added support for setting a size and location for a Codice detector widget

  • Added support for limiting which Codices a Codice detector accepts and an option to display custom content if any other Codice is placed on the detector

  • Fixed default menu bubbles not displaying content name and preview

  • Fixed possible crash when opening content from a menu

  • Fixed content launching upside down on third party displays when rotate towards hand is enabled

  • Fixed PDF flow edge pages ignoring touch interaction

  • Fixed rotating menu sometimes losing its rotation momentum instantly

  • Fixed personal space text input field sometimes showing placeholder text while typing

  • Exports now include used assets by default

Showcase 1.8.2

Released on May 18, 2018
  • Fixed tapping on buttons when using TUIO

  • Fixed possible crash when touching a PDF book

Showcase 1.8.1

Released on May 9, 2018
  • Fixed widgets losing momentum instantly when thrown on Windows

  • Fixed possible crash when dragging a widget

  • Fixed possible crash when closing a video

  • Improved license errors logging

Showcase 1.8.0

Released on Apr 17, 2018
  • Added support for sharing web browser sessions between browsers

  • Added support for adding hotspots to images and videos

  • Added Snippets service for adding preconfigured text snippets to on-screen keyboard

  • Added physical keyboard focus slider to on-screen keyboard

  • Added option to lock a screensaver with PIN or Codice

  • Added Screensaver trigger widget for manually activating screensavers

  • Added option to close previous menu content when tapping a menu node

  • Added option to close menu content when menu is closed

  • Added option to close hotspot content when hotspot is closed

  • Added Screen wipe widget that closes all temporary content on screen

  • Added PDF navigation controls

  • Added mouse emulation mode for browser

  • Added support for configuring video stream quality

  • Added support for customizing video viewer preview image

  • Added option to automatically close a video after playing

  • Added support for navigating Finger menu content by rotating Codice

  • Added option to open Codice content when marker is lifted instead of placed

  • Added support for choosing Image movie playback mode

  • Added option to make floating content and teasers bounce at the screen edge

  • Added support for blurring background effects Particles, Sparkles and Champagne

  • Added default plugin location to streamline using custom plugins

  • Added a loading overlay while loading an app

  • Improved license errors logging

  • Menu bubbles overlay image is now configurable, and disabling cropping no longer hides the overlay image

  • Removed display of terminal window when running Showcase on Windows

  • Fixed automatic logging to a file when Showcase is run directly (not from Launcher)

  • Fixed crash reports not being uploaded when Showcase is run directly

  • Fixed long delay in Showcase client connecting to server on Windows

  • Fixed possible crash when editing Codice DB while Showcase is running

  • Fixed possible crash when exiting Showcase

  • Fixed finger menu physics simulation issues when app is running at low frame rate

  • Fixed uploading personal space content with visible name that contains only spaces

  • Fixed handling of UNC paths in Codice URLs when emailing personal space content

  • Fixed application hanging when launching a cloud with a lot of content

  • Fixed server start script assuming the working folder is the server folder

  • Fixed outdated asset preview in Editor media library after overwriting an asset

  • Standardized Showcase cache file locations

Showcase 1.7.2

Released on Mar 1, 2018
  • Added two new plugin examples

  • Fixed graphical issues with video inputs

  • Fixed an issue with Tweet cloud sometimes not updating

  • Fixed sound effect files missing from exported apps

  • Fixed possible missing content the first time Codice content is launched

  • Fixed pinned widgets on background changing order when touched

  • Fixed frame lock issue when using sync cards

Showcase 1.7.1

Released on Dec 22, 2017
  • Added support for running Editor over HTTPS on Windows

  • Added SiteManager to Showcase package

  • Fixed Editor scripts not updating dynamically when Showcase is updated

Showcase 1.7.0

Released on Dec 14, 2017
  • Added support for scheduling widgets and apps

  • Added App switcher widget

  • Added Showcase licensing

  • Added instructions and template configurations for running Editor over HTTPS on Linux

  • Added option to show exit button in welcome screen

  • Added support for launching an app from welcome screen

  • Added support for closing a menu by tapping the root node

  • Added option to close hotspot content on next tap

  • Added an easier way to define visible name for content in content set editor

  • Added support for selecting initial app with --app command line parameter

  • Added label for content set root node selector

  • Added warning popup for trying to leave import page after uploading and not importing

  • Added touch feedback to touching widget in cloud

  • Removed widget type selection popup when there's only one available type

  • Removed Showcase launch script, the executable can be used directly

  • Increased maximum tap duration for activating widgets with taps

  • Exit Showcase popup now always stays fully in view

  • Fixed spaces not working in vector attributes in some browsers

  • Fixed crash in launching Showcase on Windows with capture cards

  • Fixed rare crash related to input on closing widget

  • Fixed crash in collecting widgets with Codice code 0

  • Fixed widget overlay setting not updating dynamically when changed in the Editor

  • Fixed Showcase remote control thread busy-looping

  • Fixed browser keyboard not opening with the same orientation as the browser

  • Improved various help texts in the Editor

Showcase 1.6.3

Released on Nov 8, 2017
  • Added Particles component from Launcher to Showcase

  • Added more configuration options to Awesome bg, including colors

  • Fixed Windows installation name when using the SDK version

  • Added support for adding Champagne to Screensaver

  • Improved error reporting when setting invalid Twitter image cache size

Showcase 1.6.2

Released on Oct 12, 2017
  • Fixed crash when exiting Showcase

  • Adjusted text size in personal space widget

Showcase 1.6.1

Released on Oct 9, 2017
  • Fixed Showcase not reconnecting to media server after connection is lost

Showcase 1.6.0

Released on Sep 28, 2017
  • Added new Widget sounds component

  • Added new Interaction sounds component

  • Added new Size limit component

  • Added preview for sound files in the Editor

  • Added size limit for Twitter profile image cache

  • Added help texts to page headers in the Editor

  • Added more configuration options to Exit Showcase widget

  • Added option to set Rotating menu scale in the Editor

  • Fixed issues with defining colors by names in the Editor

  • Fixed button hit areas in Exit Showcase popup

  • Fixed text layout issues in Personal space help popup

  • Fixed a crash when exiting Showcase right after launching it

  • Changed Showcase exports to use .showcase file extension

Showcase 1.5.0

Released on Sep 20, 2017
  • Added new menu component: Rotating menu

  • Added new menu item component: Menu nodes

  • Added option for visualization widget to Teaser menu

  • Added option for content location offset to Finger menu

  • Added Cornerstone demo applications to Showcase package

  • Fixed exported apps not including content viewers in theme

Showcase 1.4.0

Released on Sep 5, 2017
  • Added Showcase API and custom plugin support

  • Added option to upload personal space items to a web server

  • Added more configuration options for Personal space in Editor

  • Fixed Showcase not installing Visual Studio runtime on Windows

  • Fixed breakpad missing from package dependencies on Linux

  • Fixed content sets with duplicate names breaking on import

  • Fixed app crashing when trying to launch a missing component from menu

  • Fixed upgrading Showcase on Windows leaving behind old files

  • Fixed menu bubble names not updating when set to blank

Showcase 1.3.2

Released on Aug 10, 2017
  • Fixed existing apps losing their settings when importing a new app

  • Added an option to use any content node type as a content set root

  • Fixed content set root always displaying an asset icon in the Editor

  • Fixed preview image field not closing after drag and drop in content set

  • Removed MIME attribute from asset content nodes

  • Added an attribute to set connection encryption method in email service

  • Added an attribute to ignore SSL errors in email service

  • Moved production_users.yaml under /etc/ in Linux

  • Fixed hotspots blocking input after it can no longer count as a single tap

  • Fixed server not launching in Windows if user has a space in their name

  • Fixed Showcase leaving a launcher config file behind when updated

  • Fixed missing package dependencies in Linux

  • Improved several error messages in logs

  • Updated various texts in the Editor

Showcase 1.3.0

Released on Jun 21, 2017
  • Added Windows support

  • Added Twitter integration

  • Added an Exit Showcase component

  • Removed support for Canvus launcher

  • Added a button to clone widgets from a cloud

  • Fixed application crashing if "Allow drag operations" is disabled

  • Fixed possible crash when maximizing a widget

  • Fixed possible crash when launching content

  • Fixed welcome screen sometimes not being visible

  • Fixed browser closing after timeout while typing in the address bar

  • Fixed Postgresql breaking when uninstalling Showcase in Linux

  • Fixed image movie on background responding to touches

  • Updated various texts in the Editor

Showcase 1.2.0

Released on Apr 26, 2017
  • Added support for running Showcase in table mode

  • Added support for launching and rotating contents towards user's hand

  • Added support for moving Codice content with marker

  • Added support for dismissing Codice content when marker is lifted

  • Added Screensaver component

  • Added Animated content component

  • Added support for emailing a widget by placing a marker on it

  • Added Data gathering service and a new database for content usage data

  • Added Theme defaults for setting default values for common attributes per theme

  • Added support for maximixing a widget and a new Maximization area component

  • Fixed pinned Cloud widget moving when moving a content widget out of screen

  • Fixed widgets on background showing toolbars and other decorations

  • Personal space can now be rotated

  • Fixed text in Personal space input field getting misaligned after running Canvus

  • Moved Personal space error popup so it doesn't block the cancel button

  • Updated Canvus fullscreen launcher graphic

  • Fixed excessive error logging from widget namebars

  • Fixed writing decimals to input fields with sliders

  • Fixed dragging an image to Background slot in the Editor structure creating a Sparkles widget instead of Image viewer

  • Fixed importing apps ignoring the the file version

  • Updated various component and attribute help texts in the Editor

  • Removed an extra breadcrumb link from Codice Content page

  • Renamed Floating menu to Finger menu in the Editor

  • Added limits for Stars animation particles count

  • Launching Showcase with a user that is not part of mt-showcase-server group now logs an error

  • Added more verbose error for trying to launch server with incompatible database

Showcase 1.1.0

Released on Mar 30, 2017
  • Updated Cornerstone version to 2.3

  • Added support for running Canvus 1.5

Showcase 1.0.2

Released on Mar 22, 2017
  • Fixed crash when launching Canvus from Showcase fails

  • Fixed editor failing to launch a new app shortly after importing

  • Fixed origin point used when resizing browser

  • Fixed media library breaking with non-ASCII characters in file names

  • Fixed hotspot visualizations sometimes using wrong locations

  • Fixed PDF flow shrinking and moving too much when pinned

  • Fixed possible crash in sending email

  • Fixed possible crash in adding operators to widgets

  • Fixed possible crash in launching codice content

  • Fixed possible crash when generating new content

  • Fixed duplicate theme button becoming permanently disabled

  • Fixed duplicating a theme sometimes silently failing

  • Clicking the input popup when duplicating theme no longer dismisses it

  • Increased default email timeout values

  • Upgrading Showcase no longer requires restarting the pc

Showcase 1.0.1

Released on Feb 23, 2017
  • Added support for video streams in video viewer

  • Added Codice lottery widget

  • Added support for setting 'Close after idle' directly to widgets

  • Added logic to move widget fully inside view when pinned

  • Added support for editing email timeout settings

  • Added option to set background color for hotspot

  • Added missing help texts in Editor

  • Fixed issues with special characters in folder names

  • Fixed crash when deleting a structure

  • Fixed browsers opened from hotspot or codice appearing in wrong location

  • Fixed application crashing when Canvus couldn't be launched

  • Fixed PDF book viewer generating extra pages when PDF is renamed

  • Fixed deadlock when reloading application

  • Fixed internal error in Editor when deleting content

  • Fixed drag and drop in Editor not working in Firefox

  • Fixed missing named widgets when importing structures

  • Fixed overwriting files in media library

  • Fixed Sparkles preventing annotating on background with fingers

  • Improved exported file naming and fixed issues with special characters

  • Improved name generation in Editor when creating widgets from assets

  • Improved several help texts and attribute names in Editor

  • Improved error logging when launching Canvus fails

  • Improved error logging when sending email fails

  • Replaced colons in log file names

  • Clicking component shortcut now opens the component in theme view

  • Changed Canvus to open in fullscreen mode by default

Showcase 1.0.0

Released on Dec 30, 2016
  • Initial release