2. Codice Cards

Codice cards refers to fiducial markers for MultiTaction displays. Individual Codice cards can be registered for the following functionality:

  • Eraser card - the card will erase annotations on canvas when placed on screen
  • Canvas card - the card will open a specific canvas when placed on screen
  • Personal folder card - the card will open a specific personal folder when placed on screen

2.1. Codice Server

In order to use Canvas Cards or Personal Folder Cards, a codice-server must be specified in the mt-canvus.ini configuration file. Eraser Cards are not affected by this setting.

; Name of the Codice server where all Codice data like the personal folders
; and Canvas Codice maps are stored. To use these features, configure MT
; Canvus multisite server by adding a new section for the server, for
; instance [server:My server], and then setting codice-server=My server
; DEFAULT: empty, which disables all Codice server features
; codice-server=


Use the server name as the value of codice-server. Not the address of the server.

2.2. Eraser Cards

MT Canvus users can erase annotations with a pen, mouse or eraser card. An eraser card uses special Codice eraser codes.

By default, Codice cards 612 and 614 are defined as Codice eraser cards, but you can change these codes or add additional eraser codes in the client configuration file. Follow these steps:

  1. Edit the following setting in the [annotation] section. (Manually add this section and setting to mt - canvus.ini if they do not already exist.)

    eraser-marker-codes=612, 614, 615

    Where eraser-marker-codes specifies the eraser codes. You can assign a new value or add a comma-separated list of values. In the example above, eraser codes 612, 614 and 615 are all designated as eraser codes.

  2. If you have finished editing mt-canvus.ini, restart MT Canvus on the application computer.

2.3. Canvas Cards

Canvas cards allow using a Codice card as a shortcut to open a specific canvas. When enabled, users are able to associate specific Codice cards to canvases from the MT Canvus client user interface (see Registering a Codice Card).

This feature is disabled by default and must be enabled in the client configuration:

; Allows assignment of Codice marker to be used as a shortcut for canvas
; selection.
; DEFAULT: false
; enable-canvas-codices=false

2.4. Personal Folder Cards

The MT Canvus client can use a dedicated MT Canvus server to store personal folders. This server is referred to as codice-server (see Codice Server). Because the personal folders are stored on a server, they can be accessed from any client using the same codice-server.

This feature requires a dedicated MT Canvus server and can not be used with a standalone MT Canvus client.


This feature requires MT Canvus Client 2.2.0 or newer.

Personal folders are enabled by default on the client as long as a codice-server has been configured. The personal folders can be manually disabled by adjusting the following setting in the client configuration file:

; Enables personal folder -feature that is triggered with Codice markers
; See also server/codice-server setting in this file.
; DEFAULT: true
; enable-personal-folders=true

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