MT Canvus Release Notes

Release notes for different MT Canvus versions are shown below.

MT Canvus 2.6.5

  • Fixed child widgets getting parented to the canvas when tapping on them
  • Added French AZERTY virtual keyboard layout

MT Canvus 2.6.4

  • Fixed annotations on exported rotated PDF files
  • Fixed the side menu in presentation mode sometimes not activating
  • Fixed message and warning dialogs sometimes created partially out of visible workspace. The dialogs can also be moved now.
  • Fixed invalid error message when ejecting USB drives in Ubuntu 18.04
  • Fixed incorrect file suffix on exported Office documents
  • Fixed crash when streaming an RDP widget
  • Fixed selection widget bounding box to include all grouped widgets
  • Fixed pen color and stroke width selection in presentation mode
  • Fixed multiple pen menus not being in sync with each other
  • Fixed selection mode sometimes being active in presentation mode
  • Fixed presentation menu being visible for selection widgets
  • Improved the handling of broken PDF, video, and image files
  • Decreased press-and-hold gesture timeout from 350 ms to 250 ms
  • Allow dragging images from folders directly to canvas background image widget in canvas settings and improved the background image settings UI
  • Allow dragging images from image search widget while the widget is scrolling

MT Canvus 2.6.3

  • Fixed crash in tables when using empty (size zero) content in a cell
  • Fixed file placeholder layout (e.g. Microsoft Office files on canvas)
  • Fixed issues with PDF widget and annotation rendering and exporting. PDF files that were added in 2.6.0, 2.6.1 or 2.6.2 might look different after the update.
  • Fixed not being able to pin fullscreen anchors without moving them
  • Fixed anchor widgets going to float mode when trying to pin them using two hands
  • Fixed email dialog opening at wrong location

MT Canvus 2.6.2

  • Changed Canvus shortcuts in Windows to launch mt-canvus-app.exe instead of mt-canvus.bat
  • Optimized Windows installers to be 20 MB smaller
  • Changed Canvus installer on Windows to show wall/laptop wizard only on a fresh install, not when updating
  • Changed new widgets to open at a fixed size, regardless of the canvas zoom level
  • Added a new command line argument --disable-dialogs that disables all OS native warning and error dialogs to allow better integration with Launcher
  • Fixed application sometimes freezing when closing video capture widgets with remote touch enabled
  • Enabled video autoplay by default in the web browser

MT Canvus 2.6.1

  • Fixed a regression that caused aspect ratio of content to be ignored when using drag & drop

MT Canvus 2.6.0

  • Added a RESTful MT Canvus API to the server
  • Added built-in RDP client
  • Changed transparent web browsers to use a normal widget menu
  • Removed the empty gap between the pin button and the top edge of transparent browsers
  • Fixed the client minimizing when losing keyboard focus
  • Fixed toggling the maximize state of the application window
  • Fixed desktop mode sometimes not respecting fullscreen setting in screen.xml
  • Raise reparented widget on top of others when grouping widgets to fix UI issues where a widget seems to have disappeared after grouping
  • Removed support for Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04
  • Only pin the active slide in presentation/full-screen mode
  • Fixed temporary annotations not being displayed in presentation mode
  • Fixed keyboard being scaled along with browser widgets
  • Fixed third-party floating menu not responding in presentation mode
  • Improved the client-server disconnection logic to notify the server faster when a client disconnects

MT Canvus 2.5.9

  • Fixed browser touch events and drag & drop events
  • Fixed crash when ejecting USB drives

MT Canvus 2.5.8

  • Fixed video inputs not being detected if plugged in while Canvus was running. Only affected Linux systems with Datapath capture cards.

MT Canvus 2.5.7

  • Fixed image search widget not being movable
  • Fixed widget menu layout on small notes
  • Fixed child widgets being ungrouped by a simple single tap gesture
  • Fixed crashes due to race conditions in folders and drag & drop event handler
  • Fixed drag & drop events dropping items to invisible widgets
  • Fixed crashes on shutdown
  • Fixed browser close dialog being movable
  • Fixed erasing annotations sometimes not working in presentation mode
  • Improved the performance of scrolling the canvas list
  • Improved the performance of folder widget, especially when used with a slow network drive
  • Changed fullscreen PDF content to display without the edges
  • Fixed browser freezing on Windows if there is no working audio output device
  • Fixed crash when closing a browser playing audio
  • Disabled native browser file dialogs opening in Windows because they break the application on video walls
  • Fixed browser virtual keyboard not closing with the browser
  • Added command line argument --cef-enable-gpu-compositing that enables hardware accelerated browser compositor

MT Canvus 2.5.6

  • Fixed unwanted drag & drop gesture from anchors to anchor list
  • Fixed alpha channel getting ignored when opening PNG files with colormap
  • Moved mipmap cache to ~/MultiTaction/cache and %LocalAppData%\MultiTaction\cache
  • Fixed crash when trying to open huge data:// urls with the browser widget

MT Canvus 2.5.5

  • Fixed potential crash when two clients modify the same annotation simultaneously
  • Fixed possible crash when dropping an item to an empty presentation slide list
  • Fixed presentation slide list sometimes showing incorrect slides if switching between presentations quickly
  • Fixed anchors sometimes appearing behind canvas items if the anchor was created while presentation list was open

MT Canvus 2.5.4

  • Fixed erasing with a physical eraser when using split workspaces
  • Hide inactive video inputs when using Magewell capture cards
  • Improved video playback smoothness under heavy load
  • Added support for loading 16-bit PNG images
  • Fixed video inputs from Magewell capture cards freezing on Windows when the system has no audio

MT Canvus 2.5.3

  • Fixed crash when restoring or splitting workspaces with info panel hidden

MT Canvus 2.5.2

  • Fixed crash when unlocking a canvas
  • Fixed crash when opening a bookmark list
  • Fixed annotating simultaneously on the same canvas through two different workspaces
  • Changed eraser size to use stroke width when erasing with erase color
  • Changed eraser behaviour to unify it. In wall mode eraser size is always based on widget-specific stroke width and eraser color is also enabled in third-party mode
  • Fixed mouse cursor showing wrong state and fixed mouse wheel in selection mode
  • Fixed resource leaks that build up and slow down the application
  • Fixed Ubuntu 18.04 packages installing 14.04 repositories
  • Changed duplication to place duplicates on the same parent with the original widget
  • Fixed keyboard focus not being cleared when entering lock screen
  • Fixed selection mode incorrectly selecting table cells
  • Fixed drag and drops gesture to the image search result widget
  • Fixed PDF controls on single-page PDF files
  • Fixed dropping anchors into an empty table cells
  • Fixed drag and drop events accidentally going to folder list widget
  • Changed the behavior of widget decorations. Don't hide widget decorations on small widgets, instead scale them down with the widget. Make sure widget menu buttons don't flow over the widget bottom and don't overlap with the close button
  • Fixed video streaming feature on browser popup widgets
  • Fixed browser popup widget multisite URL synchronization
  • Fixed widget cloning sometimes creating widgets behind the canvas background
  • Fixed data corruption when erasing an annotation that is still being drawn
  • Fixed being able to draw through finger and canvas menus. Changed the finger menu to be movable also from the outer menu ring
  • Fixed UI layout on the video output widgets when having long output names
  • Changed the focus slider on virtual keyboard to be tappable
  • Fixed the widget pin not flashing when attempting to move a pinned widget
  • Fixed issue with image titles sometimes not showing
  • Fixed widget grouping with video input, AuxPC and IP stream widgets

MT Canvus 2.5.1

  • Server: Fixed DB migration that could corrupt or delete annotations
  • Fixed annotations not being visible in snapshots
  • Fixed annotations on PDF documents
  • Fixed emailed snapshots being empty or corrupted
  • Fixed "Haze" background not being visible in snapshots
  • Fixed eraser size slider not working in third-party mode
  • Fixed finger menu timeout in third-party mode
  • Fixed invisible welcome screen text
  • Fixed crash when opening custom background settings when the canvas is still being loaded
  • Fixed crash when quickly changing canvases
  • Fixed restoring PDF state after cloning or dragging from personal folder

MT Canvus 2.5.0

  • Updated web browser to Chromium 73.0.3683.75 with support for pens and audio panning
  • Improved the quality of annotations and erasing them
  • Added support for pressure sensitive pens (Windows only)
  • Added customizable canvas backgrounds
  • Fixed issues with some PDF controls not getting synchronized to other clients
  • Changed the way cloning a widget works to make it easier to create multiple copies
  • Changed the order of buttons in widget menus to make them more consistent
  • Changed exiting fullscreen mode to restore the previous viewport location
  • Fixed the mouse cursor not being updated in selection mode

MT Canvus 2.4.2

  • Added option to control transparent mode for browsers from the custom menu
  • Fixed video streaming not working with Surface Hub built-in cameras

MT Canvus 2.4.1

  • Fixed crash when trying to share video input from a Magewell capture card
  • Fixed video child widgets disappearing when starting streaming
  • Fixed video streaming not restoring properly when restoring workspaces after Canvus restart
  • Fixed crash when importing a table with missing cells
  • Fixed selection mode getting stuck after closing a workspace
  • Fixed crash caused by Qt 5.12 QLocale optimizations

MT Canvus 2.4.0

  • Added support for video streaming between clients
  • Added support for selecting and manipulating multiple items at once
  • Added new PDF navigation controls
  • Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Removed support for custom backgrounds using JavaScript
  • Changed drag & drop location to be relative to the mouse/finger instead of pin icon
  • Changed videos outside the visible area to be muted by default
  • Fixed pen stroke width not being adjustable using a pen
  • Fixed (un)muting duplicated videos affecting each other
  • Fixed H.264/AAC video files not working in the browser on Windows
  • Load audio-config.xml and audio-devices.xml automatically

Known issues

  • WebGL does not work under Ubuntu 18.04. As a workaround you can disable Chromium sandbox with a --cef-no-sandbox command line argument. However, this will increase the web browser attack surface and for security reasons we don't recommend using it.

MT Canvus 2.3.2

  • Added persistent bookmarks for IP streams and web browsers
  • Added 30 day grace period to expired licenses
  • Added support for up to 32 channels in the pulseaudio backend, previously the limit was 6 channels
  • Added more features to custom menus to make them more flexible
  • Changed default max-fps for video streams to 31 instead of 121 for performance reasons.
  • Fixed FPS settings on Magewell capture cards
  • Fixed issues when importing canvases from Canvus 1.x
  • Fixed crash when attempting to use "float" feature with IP streams
  • Fixed crash on startup if there were lots of canvases on the server
  • Fixed video stream hints with Magewell capture cards
  • Fixed flickering windows in Windows with multiple Mosaic groups
  • Fixed initial text selection in the web browser address bar
  • Fixed crash in ImageWidget when using compressed mipmaps
  • Fixed crash in VideoWidget if closing widget quickly after opening
  • Fixed crash on exit when using raw-input with NativeTouch
  • Fixed crash on exit when there were running PDF tasks in the background
  • Fixed application return value if killed by the watchdog
  • Changed default command-line arguments: --cef-ignore-gpu-blacklist is now enabled by default

MT Canvus 2.3.1

  • Fixed video streams freezing in presentation / full-screen mode
  • Fixed anchor locations being wrong after update from older version
  • Fixed workspaces having wrong size after resizing window
  • Fixed close buttons being visible only on one workspace

MT Canvus 2.3.0

  • New presentation feature and new presentation mode
  • UI improvements to anchors, finger menu has now new button to create a new anchor matching the current viewport
  • Added support for hardware presentation clickers, removed hardware/presentation-mouse-mode -parameter
  • Added a new widget full-screen mode
  • Changed the anchor presentation mode to use the new presentation mode
  • Fixed text fields that in some situations had editable placeholder text
  • Fixed delete button not always deleting the widget from the server
  • Minor UI improvements to the exit dialog
  • Fixed window resizing when not in desktop-mode

MT Canvus 2.2.2

  • Annotations on PDFs are now included in the PDF when exporting or emailing it from Canvus
  • Fixed regression introduced in 2.2.0 that caused video inputs to always be muted. Also fixed video/screenshare-audio to work as expected when opening an existing canvas
  • Fixed crash on startup if trying to open more audio channels than pulseaudio supports
  • Fixed opening incorrect number of audio channels on startup when using audio panning
  • Fixed crash in web browser when typing certain invalid URLs
  • Fixed assets being exported multiple times when exporting nested tables
  • Fixed bookmarked web pages not being highlighted correctly in the UI
  • Fixed scrolling web pages with the mouse wheel not being synchronized between clients

MT Canvus 2.2.1

  • Added a warning popup about annotations made in Canvus not being included when exporting or emailing PDF documents
  • Fixed annotations getting lost on items added to personal folders
  • Fixed regression with the email address not being editable on default settings

MT Canvus 2.2.0

  • Added personal folders -feature using the Canvus multisite framework
  • Added default-email-address and allow-user-email settings for controlling email sending
  • Added customizable finger menu using a custom-menu setting in mt-canvus.ini
  • Removed Codice admin marker -feature, the same functionality is available through the Canvas menu info-widget
  • Made it impossible to accidentally delete content by grouping it to another widget that is being deleted
  • Made it possible to unregister Canvas Codice links to removed canvases
  • Changed screen sharing widgets to be muted by default
  • Fixed Canvas Codice -functionality on the server, updated UI on the client
  • Fixed text flowing outside the message box
  • Fixed crash when locking a canvas with CanvasList open
  • Fixed slow scrolling when dropping something to a folder or other lists
  • Fixed crash in server when opening or closing canvases
  • Fixed unwanted drag & drop events when scaling widgets with a mouse wheel
  • Fixed problems dragging / removing certain folders
  • Fixed finger menu drop shadow not updating correctly
  • Fixed drag & drop video preview image

MT Canvus 2.1.3

  • Fixed a regression with fixed workspaces introduced in 2.1.2

MT Canvus 2.1.2

  • Added option to specify canvas width and height in mt-canvus.ini for new canvases
  • Changed the entire "Create new canvas" tile to be tappable in canvas list
  • Changed USB / network drive monitoring on Windows to use events instead of polling
  • Fixed the More button sometimes not expanding on browsers
  • Fixed the possibility to make widgets extremely small when parented to another widget
  • Fixed audio panning not working with video outputs
  • Fixed widget menu not collapsing after selection was made
  • Fixed play button on video not being pressable after scaling the video up
  • Fixed long URLs overflowing the browser address bar
  • Fixed being unable to edit browser URLs without clearing the entire URL first
  • Fixed canvas menus being inaccessible after splitting a workspace
  • Fixed crash when closing a web browser
  • Fixed More button sometimes not expanding on tables
  • Fixed crash when playing an IP video stream
  • Fixed client installing an example server config file
  • Fixed server including some client data files
  • Fixed video scrub bar showing incorrect position after cloning
  • Fixed the activation wizard showing a redundant Cancel button
  • Fixed crash in browser mouse emulation mode
  • Fixed YUVA/RGBA video playback
  • Fixed crash when taking an automated snapshot of the canvas
  • Made it easier to tap on the finger menu close button
  • Server: Fixed potential data corruption bug when loading canvases from the database

MT Canvus 2.1.1

  • Fix email sending widget not appearing from widget menu
  • Rewrote email sending functionality, new email attachments are now better quality and contain what you see on the screen, including annotations
  • Fixed anchor order, PDF sizes, pin state, demo canvas state and certain assets when importing Canvus 1.7 canvases
  • Fixed importing some Canvus 2.0 exports, like the tutorial canvas
  • Fixed issues that could cause data corruption on the server

MT Canvus 2.1.0

  • Reintroduced enforced passwords for canvases using a new configuration option enforce-canvas-password for both server and client .ini files
  • Added built-in backup and restore functionality for both client and server
  • Added automatic backup of server data when upgrading the server from 2.1.0 to future releases
  • Added automatic backup of client data on first launch after client upgrade

MT Canvus 2.0.3

  • Fixed tapping on buttons when using TUIO

MT Canvus 2.0.2

  • Fixed garbled error messages when no suitable license is found
  • Fixed error messages not being logged when no suitable license is found
  • Fixed duplicated tables having incorrect size
  • Fixed wget missing from server installation dependencies
  • Fixed widgets losing momentum instantly when thrown in some circumstances

MT Canvus 2.0.1

  • Added support for importing canvases from MT Canvus 1.x
  • Added server name to confirm dialog when importing a canvas
  • Changed server list sorting to be case-insensitive
  • Fixed a bug where PDFs page order or page count could be incorrect
  • Fixed black border appearing in folders with large number of files
  • Fixed client installer failing to configure desktop mode on Windows
  • Fixed client leaking socket descriptors
  • Fixed drag and drop going to wrong workspace after splitting a workspace
  • Fixed drag and drop stopping to work after closing a workspace
  • Fixed finger menu being triggered on mouse press instead of mouse release
  • Fixed info panel vanishing after unlocking a password-protected canvas
  • Fixed installers adding duplicate APT sources on Linux
  • Fixed no server being selected when opening the canvas list
  • Fixed not being able to send snapshots with email
  • Fixed using unenscaped strings in database configuration settings
  • Fixed video input not working if opened in another application
  • Removed obsolete script

MT Canvus 2.0.0

  • Added site-to-site synchronization using Canvus multisite server
  • Added web-based administrator dashboard for Canvus multisite server
  • Added ability to resize table cells
  • Added support for arbitrary files on a canvas
  • Added support for using a Codice card to open a canvas
  • Added support for duplicating a canvas
  • Added configurable gestures for activating unpinned canvas items
  • Replaced canvas-specific folders with a global folder
  • Optimized annotation performance
  • Removed support for undo/redo
  • Removed support for personal folders
  • Removed support for remote codice
  • Removed support for full screen presentation mode
  • Removed support for playing videos full screen
  • Removed support for canvas-specific keyboard shortcuts
  • Removed support for floating widgets

MT Canvus 1.7.6

  • Fixed potential crash when a workspace was opened and immediately closed
  • Changed the default value for auto-pin to disabled

MT Canvus 1.7.5

  • Fixed a regression where the clock in the info panel was showing UTC time instead of local time

MT Canvus 1.7.4

  • Fixed potential data corruption if a machine run out of disk space
  • Fixed using same channel in multiple audio zones
  • Fixed potential PDF cache corruption
  • Fixed annotations not being included when zooming to show content
  • Fixed video playback when no audio is available
  • Fixed stuck touch points on some 3rd party hardware

MT Canvus 1.7.3

  • Added option to configure number of concurrent background operations
  • Added optimization for scanning of new video inputs
  • Added optimization for scanning of new USB devices
  • Fixed issue which could cause all edits on a canvas to replay from the start when loading
  • Fixed issue where folder contents did not change dynamically if multiple folder widgets used concurrently
  • Fixed a possible application freeze when using video inputs with remote touch

MT Canvus 1.7.2

  • Fixed renaming anchors in the anchor list
  • Fixed potential crash when switching canvases with videos on them
  • Fixed remote touch not working in presentation mode
  • Improved port assignment stability for remote touch on Linux
  • Changed the folders that licenses are searched from

MT Canvus 1.7.1

  • Added option to disable touch visualizations
  • Added option to display some or all mounted drives on side menu
  • Extended support for zoned audio to support multiple workspaces
  • Improved port assignment for remote touch
  • Improved Windows desktop integration - disable desktop notification panel swipe gesture in Windows while full screen
  • Fixed crash when making video inputs full screen
  • Fixed possible crash when using video input side menu
  • Fixed issue where touches can be ignored while using pens on Windows Surface Hub
  • Fixed issue where third party touch mode can be changed by users in other workspaces
  • Fixed issue where anchor based presentations did not navigate to the first slide reliably
  • Fixed issue where auxiliary PC also appeared in video input menu

MT Canvus 1.7.0

  • Added desktop mode to Windows version allowing Canvus to be used on desktop, laptop and tablet PCs
  • Improved support on lower end GPUs and added hardware compatibility check
  • Improved handling of graphical resources for improved performance on all platforms
  • Removed the need to install Cornerstone separately
  • Added out-of-the-box support for image searching
  • Added drag and drop support for supported content/document types
  • Added support for audio panning / positional audio
  • Added mouse emulation mode in browser to better support legacy web applications
  • Added feature to allow search terms to be entered in browser address bar
  • Added feature to configure initial viewport positions of workspaces
  • Added option to mute video inputs by default
  • Added option to ignore SSL errors when sending emails
  • Added ability to view contents of local and mapped drives in desktop mode
  • Added feature to allow specific mapped drives to be shown on iWall
  • Added feature to pause video widgets when viewing in presentation mode
  • Added feature to zoom browsers when viewed in presentation mode
  • Added out-of-the-box support for MT Launcher
  • Added license management
  • Added feature to automatically close Canvus side menus
  • Changed default value for hardware/presentation-mouse-mode to 'interact'
  • Changed search location of mt-canvus.ini file to new standard paths
  • Changed default pen color from white to red
  • Fix issue where canvas tables initially have grey background
  • Fix issue where documents dragged to USB were exported as images
  • Numerous small fixes and improvements

MT Canvus 1.6.7

  • Fix possible crash when deleting items from folder widget
  • Fix occasional hang or crash when exiting Canvus

MT Canvus 1.6.6

  • Fix issue where video inputs are not displayed consistently in additional Canvus menus

MT Canvus 1.6.5

  • Fix issue where side menus could be hidden inadvertently
  • Fix missing side menus when old style fixed-workspaces option is used
  • Fix handling of external linked folders when exporting and importing a canvas
  • Fix leak of video input resources
  • Improve performance when using eraser codice marker

MT Canvus 1.6.4

  • Fixed issue where external linked folder content could be deleted
  • Fixed 'stuck' touches on third party touch screens

MT Canvus 1.6.3

  • Fixed issues when more than 32 workspaces are used
  • Added option to hide workspace visualizations
  • Added option to hide canvas menus on workspaces

MT Canvus 1.6.2

  • Fixed crash in TCP socket handling
  • Fixed crash related to use of auxiliary PC
  • Fixed problems occurring if a second instance of Canvus started accidentally
  • Fixed issue where annotating a widget did not auto-pin the workspace
  • Fixed data migration in Windows version of Canvus
  • Fixed issue where tapping an auxiliary PC widget in presentation mode froze the auxiliary PC desktop
  • Improved logging when data version mismatch is detected

MT Canvus 1.6.1

This release is available for Linux only.

  • Fixed video scrub bar appearing too large for small videos
  • Fixed webcam not working with /dev/video0 using default config on Linux
  • Fixed being able to pause screen capture widgets when tap-to-play was enabled
  • Fixed Canvus not creating a data backup on migration when run inside Showcase
  • Fixed workspace splits sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed video capture leaking file handles on Linux

MT Canvus 1.6.0

This release is available for Windows only.

  • Added suported for Windows OS
  • Added ability to hide Canvus Info panel or disable per workspace
  • Moved browser button to top level of finger menu
  • Added option to restrict start/stop of videos to taps on the play button only
  • Added ability to control initial viewport of canvases when loading
  • Added ability to configure initial visibility of anchors
  • Added presentation mode for general widgets on a canvas
  • Added ability to play videos full screen
  • Added support for eraser on Surface Hub
  • Added support for in-memory browser caches to preserve state when switching canvas
  • Fixed browser clone to use the same session as the original browser

MT Canvus 1.5.0

  • Added support for presentation mode for a single widget or table
  • Added support for use of stable identifier for auxiliary PC video input
  • Added support for a dedicated remote touch port for auxiliary PC
  • Added third party touch mode selector
  • Added support for hiding anchor widgets
  • Added support for Cornerstone 2.3 (Updated version of Chromium browser to version 3.2883)

MT Canvus 1.4.5

  • Added support for accessing remote file shares
  • Added option to configure whether last password character is displayed or not
  • Added support for removing and adding canvases externally
  • Fixed erasing in presentation mode also erasing on canvas behind it
  • Fixed crash in finger menu when closing Canvus
  • Fixed an issue where AuxPC might get to a state where it constantly disconnected
  • Fixed web browser crash when using Google Drive
  • Changed log filenames to not contain colons

MT Canvus 1.4.4

  • Fixed crash when resuming Canvus from Experience

MT Canvus 1.4.3

  • Fixed web browser caret character sometimes getting lost
  • Fixed virtual keyboard enter key not working in web browser
  • Fixed performance regression on 4K video playback
  • Fixed a number of issues in MultiWidgets::RippleOverlayWidget
  • Fixed render process crash in web browser on certain pages

MT Canvus 1.4.2

  • Fixed performance issue in main window
  • Fixed widgets sometimes appearing too large
  • Fixed canvas not being unloaded when switching to Experience

MT Canvus 1.4.1

  • Fixed canvas menu layouting on small screens
  • Fixed crash in web browser popup handling (regression in 1.4.0)

MT Canvus 1.4.0

  • Added support for 3rd party touch hardware
  • Added improved mouse support
  • Added support for password protected canvases
  • Added option to enforce password protection on canvases
  • Added support for erasing with a pen
  • Added support for Cornerstone 2.2
  • Fixed USB disk sometimes not unmounting
  • Fixed finger menus sometimes appearing blank

MT Canvus 1.3.8

  • Added reset button
  • Added option to disable encryption for email

MT Canvus 1.3.7

  • Added option to restore previous workspace configuration
  • Improved demo canvas state recovery after abnormal program termination

MT Canvus 1.3.6

  • Fixed password dialogs displaying characters on screen
  • Fixed video preview getting lost when dragging from USB to personal folder
  • Fixed performance issue with auxilary PC
  • Fixed copying PDF files from USB to personal folder never finishing

MT Canvus 1.3.5

  • Fixed web engine overriding Canvus signal handlers
  • Fixed screen sharing widget location not serializing properly
  • Fixed screen sharing resolution not always updating

MT Canvus 1.3.4

  • Fixed crash if Canvus was quit while splitting a workspace
  • Fixed warnings about /dev/video63 appearing in dmesg
  • Fixed video capture sources not appearing reliably after PC reboot
  • Fixed AuxPC not connecting after it was rebooted

MT Canvus 1.3.3

  • Fixed issues related to data persistence
  • Fixed deadlock and crash related to remote touch
  • Fixed memory leak and possible crash in screen sharing menu
  • Fixed remote Codice feature not reconnecting after Canvus PC reboot
  • Fixed finger menu opening logic on sensitive displays
  • Fixed AuxPC document viewing failing on first attempt
  • Fixed AuxPC remote touch initialization

MT Canvus 1.3.2

  • Fix source asset path in importing content from USB
  • Fix crash in closing screen sharing window with active remote touch
  • Fix crash in keyboard if fps is low enough

MT Canvus 1.3.1

  • Fixed crash in web browser favicon handling
  • Fixed crash in erasing annotations in Experience

MT Canvus 1.3.0

  • Added support for demo canvases where changes won't persist
  • Added support for auxiliary Windows PC integration
  • Added support for using network folders with Codice
  • Fixed excessive gap between pages in PDF viewer
  • Fixed performance issues with annotations
  • Fixed performance issue with anchor list

MT Canvus 1.2.4

  • Fix crash in closing screen sharing window with active remote touch
  • Fix crash in keyboard if fps is low enough

MT Canvus 1.2.3

  • Fixed crash in web browser favicon handling
  • Fixed crash in erasing annotations in Experience

MT Canvus 1.2.2

  • Fixed missing text cursors in various text fields
  • Fixed issues in the virtual keyboard
  • Fixed crash on removing USB drive while in Experience
  • Fixed remote touch sometimes not initializing if network wasn't ready when canvus was started
  • Fixed potential crash when removing USB disks
  • Fixed check marks being movable in Canvas list
  • Fixed depth of resize handle not being locked

MT Canvus 1.2.1

  • Fixed crash in detecting video sharing inputs when running Experience
  • Fixed potential crash while running Experience with Canvus in the background
  • Fixed WebGL not working on certain hardware due to bug in Chromium GPU blacklist
  • Fixed sound not working sometimes in browser
  • Fixed annotation not working near workspace edges
  • Fixed anchor presentation menu not being visible
  • Fixed popups not working in browser in Experience
  • Fixed file operation tasks sometimes not progressing
  • Fixed holding a widget not preventing it from moving with canvas
  • Fixed widgets sometimes going behind canvas, preventing interaction with them
  • Fixed pinned widgets changing parents
  • Fixed developer mode being enabled by default
  • Changed startup script to ensure pulseaudio is running
  • Changed the default number of video decoding threads from 1 to 2 per video

MT Canvus 1.2.0

  • Added split workspaces
  • Added duplicate widgets functionality
  • Added floating widgets
  • Added snapshot area selector
  • Added audio capture from video input
  • Added support for downloading files with browser
  • Added support for uploading files with browser
  • Added transparent mode for browser
  • Added better browser popup support
  • Added browser dialog popups and error pages
  • Added bottom canvas menus for large installations
  • Added better physical keyboard support
  • Added functionality to move active remote control to a particular widget
  • Added option to set eraser area in configuration file
  • Added icons for tables in folders
  • Added better names for e-mailed Canvus content such as notes
  • Added automatic uploading of crashdumps
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added optional pulse audio backend for sound playback
  • Changed remote control user interface
  • Changed video output menu user interface
  • Changed finger menu and personal folder opening animations
  • Changed table edit icons
  • Changed video widgets user interface and added a mute button
  • Changed folder UI to show unsupported files with placeholder images
  • Changed some UI elements (such as folders, anchor and canvas list) to stay on top of canvas content
  • Changed storing application logs to user home folder
  • Changed the default eraser size to match the official eraser
  • Fixed unpartitioned USB devices not showing up in Canvus
  • Fixed crash in rearranging anchors in anchor list
  • Fixed issue with importing widgets from personal folder to canvas
  • Fixed annotations not being saved in edit history correctly
  • Fixed opening migration loading screen when migration is not needed
  • Fixed handling of canvases of different aspect ratios in canvas list and navigation window
  • Fixed handling of anchors of different aspect ratios in anchor list
  • Fixed video outputs staying active when returning to Experience
  • Fixed crash in loading PDFs
  • Fixed crash in grouping a widget that doesn't have a parent widget
  • Fixed crash in loading browser in startup
  • Fixed crash in closing browser
  • Fixed crash in closing video input widget with active remote control
  • Fixed crash in tables with an empty drop event
  • Fixed crash if there's no valid canvas
  • Fixed duplicate widget ids when importing same canvas multiple times
  • Fixed anchor list making the application slow
  • Fixed remote control not working in widgets in table
  • Fixed issues in undoing deleting a browser
  • Fixed missing pin-status of grouped widgets in loading a canvas
  • Fixed automatic idle timeout of on-screen keyboard
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalizations in titles and tooltips
  • Fixed empty tooltip for anchor presentation
  • Fixed error description for empty name in creating folder
  • Fixed error description for empty name in registering codice card
  • Fixed incorrect icon in closing annotation menu in presentation
  • Fixed wrong initial size for PDF widget scroll bar
  • Fixed spawn location for snapshot of widget
  • Removed resize handle for pinned widgets
  • Removed extra eraser codes from default config file
  • Removed false message that e-mail has been sent after registering a codice card

MT Canvus 1.1.4

  • Fixed image search due to Google removing the search API. The API requires additional configuration to work, see the image search page for details.
  • Fixed secondary menu close button not closing sub-menus

MT Canvus 1.1.3

  • Added possibility to change annotation parameters from plugins
  • Fixed issue where pen tracking might get disabled when displays are restarted while Canvus is running
  • Fixed possible crash with migrated anchors
  • Fixed annotation depth issues
  • Fixed missing annotations in e-mailed images
  • Fixed missing annotations in PDF snapshots
  • Fixed copying a note to folder cropping the edges of the note

MT Canvus 1.1.1

  • Added video output functionality
  • Added import & export of canvases
  • Added video stream support
  • Added remote touch functionality
  • Added web boomarks
  • Added tables for restricting content layout
  • Added option to logout after inactivity (disabled by default)
  • Added example plugin to show custom content from an external source
  • Fixed crash when interacting with canvas while it was loading
  • Fixed performance issues with lots of annotations
  • Fixed audio panning with default Experience configuration
  • Fixed Codice registration dialog not disappearing after a timeout
  • Fixed email progress indicator for empty messages
  • Fixed various buttons not having visual push feedback
  • Fixed various empty tooltips
  • Fixed image search result window being scalable
  • Fixed grouping sometimes resulting in very large widget menu icons
  • Fixed canvas menu positioning under bezels on some display configurations
  • Fixed note edges being cropped in snapshots
  • Fixed moving content from its title bar
  • Fixed anchor list not being closed when changing canvas
  • Fixed image search not working with network proxy
  • Fixed potential crash when converting multiple PDFs simultaneously

MT Canvus 1.0.2

  • Added feature to re-position an open keyboard when pressing the keyboard button on a note
  • Added JavaScript plugin example
  • Fixed slow performance browsing folders with large amounts of files
  • Fixed CEF browser crash in Experience when inputting text
  • Fixed widget menu buttons that could be rotated
  • Fixed very low resolution on canvas snapshots
  • Fixed small hitbox for closing finger menu
  • Fixed crash when creating a new folder
  • Fixed small hitboxes for input bars
  • Fixed keyboards not staying inside the visible area
  • Fixed keyboards not having a timeout

MT Canvus 1.0.1

  • Removed extra branding
  • Fixed keyboard close button overlapping web search
  • Fixed some missing dependencies from fresh installations
  • Fixed crash when loading folders with several videos
  • Fixed some keyboards moving with canvas
  • Fixed deleted browsers appearing after canvas reload
  • Fixed anchors being highlited after loading canvas
  • Fixed dropping items on anchor list
  • Fixed canvas loading sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed erasing annotations not persisting after canvas reload